“The Car Won’t Start and Is Making a Clicking Noise. This Is the Reason.”

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If you have a problem with your car and you hear some clicking noise, this could indicate issues with several components. For example, if the vehicle clicks when ignition your car with the key, it could either be a battery or a starter problem. Besides that, if you heard that the engine is cranking up, this might involves a series of chain events. Here are some symptoms of a car that won’t start and it is giving very annoying clicking noise.

Dead Battery

1. Battery Is Dead

The first thing that can happen if you hear clicking sound is a problem with your battery. It could result in a malfunctioning alternator or low battery charge. The best way to check it is to see some parameters of output voltage with a voltmeter. If you get some readings less than 12 V, this is definitively the problem. The battery, in this case, can be corrupt or damaged. Moreover, from many users’ experience due to low electrolyte levels, this also could happen. In that case, you just need to recharge electrolytes and this will solve the problem.

Damaged Alternator

2. Damaged Alternator

The next problem if your car is giving a clicking noise may happen because of the alternator. In this case, the alternator cannot provide the requisite voltage output for any reason. This might result in the damaged alternator. The best way to fix it is to replace it with the new one.

Starter Problems

3. Starter Problems

There are various issues that could potentially lead to the car won’t start and is making a clicking noise. The dead starter motor can also result in that annoying clicking noise. In most cases, this may happen if a starter is damaged or it has a defective triggering mechanism. Besides that, if the starter is losing connection, this might also be a problem with clicking sound. In that case, you have to find out the faulty wire and try to examine it with a voltmeter. However, if it is not a wiring problem, the best way is to require some professional expertise.

Single Click When Starting the Car

4. Single Click When Starting the Car

If you hear just one click sound at the time of ignition, this might be faulty high current contact inside the valve solenoid. The malfunctioning solenoid could also result in an annoying clicking sound when you try to ignition your car with the key. However, if the contacts develop low resistance, they get to be damaged or corroded. This is the most affordable case because a new set of contacts does not cost more than $10. If It is hard to find contacts it in an auto service center, the best way is to replace the valve solenoid, which can cost you extra money.

frozen engine

5. Locked up or Frozen Engine

Another possible reason that your car won’t start and is making a clicking noise is a locked up or frozen engine. The locked up problem can be solved with a breaker bar or a wrench. You can try slowly to manually kick off the engine using a wrench. However, in the case of a frozen engine, the best solution is to get your car somewhere in the warm. With that, we mean to drive your car to a parking lot or a garage. It can take time to defrost the engine in this case. Moreover, if you want to avoid this problem, refill the coolant before the arrival of winter.


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