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2024 Honda S2000 render

2024 Honda S2000 Comeback Rumors, Price, Concept, Specs

Back in the day, Honda shocked the world with its perfectly balanced roadster, powered by the screaming 9.000RPM naturally-aspirated engine and from today’s perspective, this is still one of the most exciting roadsters ever...
2024 Chrysler 300 SUV

2024 Chrysler 300: What to Expect?

Chrysler has been struggling with new car models for a very long time and as a result, the current lineup consists of just a couple of models. Of course, one of them is the...
2024 VW Bus (ID.Buzz)

2024 VW Bus (ID.Buzz): Preview, Colors, Price, Interior, Release Date

It’s been a while since VW was competing in the segment of passenger vans in North America. We all remember the legendary Type 2 minibus and now, it looks like we could see its...
2024 Dodge Challenger EV

2024 Dodge Challenger: Electric Muscles on the Way

Recently, Dodge announced that the current generation of Challenger will finish its journey by 2024 and that they are already working on a successor. At this point, there are no official details about the...
2024 Chevy Impala

2024 Chevy Impala: Comeback Rumors and Expectations

One of the things that many car enthusiasts can’t get over these days is the decline of the sedan market. More and more people are turning to crossovers, due to modern trends in the...
2024 Ford F-150 Raptor

2024 Ford F-150 Raptor Is Getting Mid-Cycle Refresh

The current generation of the most popular pickup on the market has been around since 2021, just like its off-road-performance iteration, known as the Raptor. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the company is already...
2024 Chevy Malibu specs

2024 Chevy Malibu: Redesign, SS, Premier, Interior

Although the previous reports were suggesting the discontinuation of one of Chevy’s longest-lasting nameplates, it looks like the GM management changed its mind recently. Namely, the latest reports suggest that the company will make...
2024 Toyota HiLux

2024 Toyota HiLux: What to Expect?

When someone says the word pickup truck, HiLux is the first thing that comes to our minds. The legendary truck has been around for decades and still is the absolute leader around the world,...
2024 GMC Hummer EV2

2024 GMC Hummer EV2: Specs, Release Date, Price, Colors

After the launch of the new Hummer all-electric pickup, we are now eagerly waiting for the SUV iteration, which will also come in different trim levels with different output variants. Of course, Edition 1...
2024 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

2024 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Preview, Specs, Features

In the world of small crossovers, the Eclipse Cross represents a rational choice. Unlike most competitors, it doesn’t tend to look luxurious, nor particularly fast. Instead, it is practical and affordable. The current generation...