2024 RAM Dakota Comeback: What to Expect

2024 RAM Dakota Camouflaged

A company that’s specialized in pickup trucks currently competes only in the full-size segment. That sounds a little bit wrong, doesn’t it? Therefore, it’s no wonder that we’ve been heading a lot of rumors about RAM bringing back the Dakota nameplate, which would once again compete in the mid-size pickup segment. This class of pickups is getting more and more popular and it’s obvious that RAM is missing its piece of cake, despite that the sister company, Jeep, has its player in this segment. In any case, rumors suggest that the comeback could happen already in the next year, with the 2024 RAM Dakota.

We suggest you stay reserved, as the officials are still quiet. Still, that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate and make some predictions about the possible comeback. This particularly refers to the overall design approach, which shouldn’t be much different compared to the previous generations. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t see implementations of modern technologies and technical solutions.

2024 RAM Dakota render
Image Source: Carscoops

2024 RAM Dakota Design

This comeback would happen almost a decade after the discontinuation. Therefore, we would expect to see a lot of new design solutions implemented, even though the basic layout would remain largely the same. Once again, we would see a mid-size pickup, which would compete with the familiar competition, models like Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado.

At this point, we still don’t know the details about the 2024 RAM Dakota design but common sense suggests that there are two approaches we could see. One of them refers to the Jeep Gladiator, which is a pickup based on the legendary Wrangler SUV. The new Dakota would use the same platform and that would certainly be the easiest way to create this pickup. Not only that, but this will also bring a Dakota with excellent off-road potential, considering that the Gladiator is the best off-roader in the class.

The other scenario is to see the 2024 RAM Dakota based on the RAM 1500. In this case, we would see Dakota riding on a different platform, which would be downsized in this case. We presume that the new pickup would bring strong overall performance with this design, along with great ride quality, something that has been RAM’s trademark for a while.

2024 RAM Dakota render
Image Source: Motor1

Exterior and Interior

Of course, this comeback would require a proper aesthetical approach and we presume that no matter the platform, the RAM 1500 would be the main inspiration. Simply, we expect to see the same design language, which offers a conventional pickup design with a couple of modern details. Unlike the Gladiator, this pickup would probably come in different configurations, with different cab styles and bed lengths, which would make it more approachable to a wider range of potential buyers.

So, this means that the 2024 RAM Dakota would come in both single and double cab layouts. In both cases, we count on a nice interior, as the company set some pretty high standards in this aspect. We expect to see an attractive dashboard, with nice materials and good overall build quality. Furthermore, we also count on all kinds of advanced tech goodies, where higher trim levels would come with things like a digital instrument cluster, massive vertically-oriented touchscreen, wireless smartphone integration and much more.

2024 RAM Dakota Engines

This aspect shouldn’t bring any bigger surprises. We presume that the 2024 RAM Dakota would rely on familiar powertrain options, starting from the well-known 3.6-liter V6 that puts out around 285 horsepower. While that would probably be the most common choice, we presume that the new Dakota could come offered with a smaller 2.0-liter turbo-four as well. Moreover, a diesel version is in talks too, equipped with a good-old 3.0-liter V6 from VM Motori, with a max output of 260 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque.

Finally, we count on some sort of electrification. For example, the base V6 equipped with the eTorque mild-hybrid system looks like a certain thing, while the PHEV version is also possible, with the same specs as the Wrangler 4xe,

2024 RAM Dakota Camouflaged
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2024 RAM Dakota Release Date and Price

At this point, the 2024 RAM Dakota is just a rumor but if we can trust them, the launch date could be scheduled already for the second half of the next year. We estimate that base models could go around 30.000 dollars.


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