2024 Holden Colorado Could Get Replacement In Australia

2024 Holden Colorado
2023 Colorado US

Since its introduction in 2008, the Holden Colorado has been a popular mid-size pickup truck among Australians. However, in February of 2020, Holden announced that it would be discontinuing the Colorado model. Despite its popularity, the decision to discontinue the Holden Colorado was driven by a number of factors, including changing market trends and increasing competition within the pickup truck market. The discontinuation of the Holden Colorado has left some fans disappointed, but there is still hope for those in need of a reliable mid-size pickup truck. Allegedly, the Holden Colorado will be rebranded and come under a new name: the 2024 Chevrolet Colorado.

The Chevrolet Colorado, which would replace the Holden Colorado in Australia, has been the basis for the last generation of Holdern’s pickup. Now, the company introduced a new, even better version for the U.S. market. It is a well-designed mid-size pickup truck, suitable for those who require a vehicle capable of handling both off-road and on-road adventures.

2024 Holden Colorado
2023 Chevy Colorado US Market

2024 Holden Colorado Will Not Come but Chevy Could Come as Replacement

While the discontinuation of the Holden Colorado may appear unfortunate, it is an example of how brands must adapt to changing markets and consumer preferences. As Holden discovered, simply relying on the popularity of a product is not always enough to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. Furthermore, the decision to rebrand and introduce the Chevrolet Colorado in Australia should provide consumers with continued access to a reliable and pretty capable pickup.

Of course, the new model would come completely redesigned. The 2024 Holden Colorado replacement has just debuted in North America and it has a lot of great things to offer, starting from a completely new design, with tons of new features. There is the new styling, completely new interior and completely new powertrain lineup.

Design and Features

So, the 2024 Holden Colorado replacement would bring the same design we saw in North America. Essentially, this would be the evolution of the recently discontinued Holder pickup. First of all, the new Colorado rides on an updated version of the familiar platform. The chassis and even dimensions are pretty much the same as in the previous model. On the other hand, the company updated the new model with a new suspension, in order to provide much better ride quality, especially on the road.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado
2023 Colorado US

As for the styling, the new generation looks way more attractive, which isn’t a surprise if we consider that the previous model was introduced more than a decade ago. The new styling incorporates the brand’s latest design language, with much sharper lines and a bolder overall appearance. There is also a good portion of available off-road versions and optional packages, so we presume some of them could be offered in this part of the world as well.


The interior would be the biggest upgrade when compared to the previous Colorado. The new pickup truck came with a completely new cabin design and there is no doubt that would be one of the key trumps of the 2024 Holden Colorado replacement. The new cabin utilizes much nicer materials and comes with way more attractive aesthetics. Furthermore, you can easily notice the presence of advanced tech features, including a massive infotainment screen, a digital instrument cluster, and various connectivity features.

2024 Holden Colorado Interior

Another thing worth mentioning is that the new generation is sold exclusively in a crew cab version, with a short bed.

2024 Holden Colorado Engines

As for the powertrain, the new pickup would be notably different compared to the previous generation. The previous model was sold with a 2.8-turbodiesel engine but the company decided to drop not just this unit, but both petrol versions as well – 2.5 and 3.6-liter units. Instead, there is the new 2.7-liter turbo-four petrol unit, which comes in different output variants. Base models are good for 237 horsepower (177kW), while the more powerful variant of the engine puts out 310 horsepower, which equals 231kW.

All variants come coupled with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, which sends power to rear wheels in base models, while four-wheel drive is available.

2024 Holden Colorado Release Date

According to the latest reports, the 2024 Holden Colorado’s replacement could arrive already in the second half of this year.


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