2024 Ford Explorer EV Could go on Sale Next Year

2023 Ford Explorer EV

The 2024 Ford Explorer EV has been officially confirmed, and we can expect the new SUV to go on sale sometime next year. After revealing the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E, the manufacturer decided to release one of the most popular SUVS with the electric system. From information that we got, the forthcoming Explorer will use the same BEV architecture that should also underpin the upcoming Lincoln Aviator EV.

For those who may not know, the Explorer so far uses a gasoline engine, where the V6 powertrains produce either 365 hp or 400 hp. So, we expect the new Explorer EV to provide at least the same amount of power or even more.

2024 Ford Explorer EV Design

The forthcoming 2024 Ford Explorer EV model will receive a couple of important upgrades over the original version. So, the EV model will slightly depart from the base version in terms of appearance.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the approaching Explorer EV will look like. From some renderings, it will certainly get a more bolder appearance, new front fascia with closed grille, new colors, and wheels.

Modern and Comfortable Interior

From what we know, the interior of the new 2024 Ford Explorer will look more modern than the original version. According to many reports, Ford will introduce a larger vertically-oriented touchscreen, probably about 14,1 inches. Right now, the current Explorer is using an 8-inch touchscreen as standard.

We also expect Apple CarPlay/Android smartphone integration, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-A port, USB-C ports, satellite radio, and a 6-speaker audio setup. As the original version, the EV should also provide 32.2 inches of rear legroom in the third row. Moreover, cargo space goes from 18.2 cubic feet to a maximum of 87.8 cubic feet when seats are folded. The safety of the current Ford Explorer is great thanks to an updated Co-Pilot360 driver assistance features. The package includes forward collision warning and blind-spot monitoring, trailer sway control, hill start assists, post-collision braking, and a comprehensive set of airbags.

2023 Ford Explorer EV interior

2024 Ford Explorer EV Motor Specs

Unlike the previous model that used a gasoline engine, the 2024 Ford Explorer EV will be all-electric. From the information that we have, the Explorer will ride on the new BEV architecture.

The electrified SUV with zero-emission will probably come with a single or dual electric motors mounted on the front wheels. The electric motor will use a large battery that should deliver at least 250 miles on a single charge.

2023 Ford Explorer EV PLATFORM

Is Ford Making an EV Explorer?

From multiple reports, it seems Blue Oval will introduce the new 2024 Ford Explorer EV sometime in 2023. Ford, unfortunately, didn’t reveal any official information about the upcoming EV. Interestingly, we heard that producing of both electric Explorer and Aviator would start in a new facility to free up capacity at the Mexico facility.

In case you didn’t know, Ford started production of the Mach-E model in the Mexico facility last year. As for pricing, many believe that the Ford Explorer EV will cost around $50,000 for the model with standard equipment.


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