2024 BMW M9: Release Date, Specs, Price

2024 BMW M9

The lack of supercars in the range of the Bavarian manufacturer continues to fuel the imagination of fans of this brand. Some of them go a step further and translate their thoughts and ideas into independent design studios of BMW cars.

One such study, the 2024 BMW M9 concept, was presented by Radion Design. On the illustrations that have been published on the Internet, it can be seen that the BMW M9 is designed as a sporty two-seater, with a lowered nose, with headlights located in a narrow slit that extends the entire width of the front part and includes the radiator grille.

2024 BMW M9 render

2024 BMW M9 Design

As for the overall design, this would be a typical supercar, with a two-door coupe layout. We presume the platform and most essential things could come from other models in the lineup, but there are also rumors that suggest the new 2024 BMW M9 would be built from the scratch, which also makes sense. In any case, we can’t tell much about the mechanics at the moment. On the other hand, we can say a few words about aesthetics.

The super attractive sporty two-seater features a pretty dynamic overall shape, while the front face combines some recognizable design solutions with some pretty unique things, such as the aforementioned lowered nose and narrow headlights.

Furthermore, the central place on the radiator grille is occupied by the recognizable “kidney” symbols of BMW cars, while large air deflectors are located in the lower part of the bumper.

The roof line descends with a slight slope towards the rear edge of the body where a small spoiler is located. The brake lights are extremely thin, which further emphasizes the width of the car, and like the front, the rear light groups contain LED technology.

Radion Design says that they do not expect their concept to satisfy all tastes, and the basic idea was to use “a different philosophy than the one applied by BMW designers” in the current models of that company when designing the M9 study.

2024 BMW M9

What could Power the new 2024 BMW M9?

As a supercar, the 2024 BMW M9 would require proper engine power and if we consider the company’s current lineup, the choice seems pretty simple and brings two possible outcomes. One is to see a completely new powertrain, the other could be the use of something familiar.

By something familiar, we are thinking of the new XM model and its hybrid powertrain that combines an already-capable 4.4-liter V8 with electric motors. In the more powerful version of the engine, the max output goes all away up to 738 horsepower. With that engine power, we presume that the 2024 BMW M9 would be able to hit 60 in a little bit over two seconds.

In the new performance SUV, this system comes with a pretty impressive 25.7-kWh battery pack, which ensures 30 miles in the all-electric mode. Due to a significantly reduced weight, the new supercar would be able to achieve the same autonomy with a much smaller battery pack.

2024 BMW M9 concept

How Much Would a Supercar like the this Cost?

As we mentioned, this is still just the pure imagination of one BMW fan but what if the Bavarian carmaker decides to construct a supercar? Considering that the new XM performance SUV starts at around 160.000 dollars, we presume this model could easily go over $250.000 if not a full $300.000.


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