2023 Jaguar I-Pace Is Ready for Another Mid-Cycle Redesign

2023 Jaguar I-Pace front

The redesigned 2023 Jaguar I-Pace is in the works, and it will arrive sometime next year. According to the news, the new fascinating all-electric crossover will receive some small upgrades for the next year, and it will look more attractive than before. In general, this model handles more like a sports car than a five-seat crossover thanks to its compact design. On top of that, it comes with a cabin that’s comfortable, offering luxury, ample passenger space, and many technological options.

Like the previous generation, the new one will continue to offer the same standard all-wheel drive thanks to two electric motors that combined produce 394 horsepower and 512 pound-feet of torque.

2023 Jaguar I-Pace side

2023 Jaguar I-Pace Facelift

The new 2023 Jaguar I-Pace is an attractive SUV that’s designed by the guy who made DB7 and Vanquish for Aston Martin. If you look at the I-Pace, you will notice many similarities between them. In general, all mentioned models have the same elegant curves that imply muscle look.

Unlike the other electric vehicles that come with a closed-off grille, the I-Pace has an open grille made specially to provide better aerodynamics rather than cooling. Overall, design is attractive, and you can get more sporty styling with a black accent package. This package will include window/grille surrounds and side mirror housings in black.

More Stylish Interior

The 2023 Jaguar I-Pace comes with a stylish cabin that offers comfortable ride and ample passenger space. As before, this SUV will keep the same seating layout, offering seats for five with nicely bolstered seats. According to Jaguar, in the back, you can fit seven carry-on suitcases or even 18 with the rear seats folded.

On top of that, the I-Pace can be outfitted with many advanced features. With a standard model, you will get a 10.0-inch upper screen for audio as well as a 5.5-inch lower display that primarily handles four-zone climate control, a head-up display, heated front and rear seats, various choices of leather upholstery. The infotainment supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

2023 Jaguar I-Pace interior

2023 Jaguar I-Pace Powertrain Specs, Battery Capacity, Range

The new 2023 Jaguar I-Pace boasts two electric motors that develop combined 394 horsepower and 512 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to that, the I-Pace comes with a standard all-wheel drive. A hefty battery pack is placed beneath the floor of this SUV providing a low center of gravity that gives an extra dose of agility and stability. From what we know, the I-Pace is available with a 90.0-kWh battery pack that provides driving range of around 253 miles.

In the same class, the Audi e-tron offers 204 miles, while the Tesla Model X has up to 295 miles. The best way to charge this big battery is with a DC fast-charging port that allows 80 percent in less than 40 minutes. However, for those without the fastest charging option, using the 240-volt AC outlet will have to wait 8.6 hours to fully replenish the battery.

2023 Jaguar I-Pace rear

When Can We Expect the 2023 Jaguar I-Pace?

The new 2023 Jaguar I-Pace is an exciting crossover and the best choice among electric vehicles. It will reportedly go on sale next year, featuring mild upgrades over the current generation. This SUV starts at $71,000, and it will continue its rivalry with the Audi E-Tron and Tesla Model X.


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