2022 Cadillac XT6 Shares Many Components with the XT4 and XT5 Crossovers

2022 Cadillac XT6

Although it shares plenty of components with the XT4 and XT5 models, the upcoming 2022 Cadillac XT6 looks unique. This mid-size model is an excellent option if you’re looking for an SUV that offers attractive styling and a feature-rich list inside.

Cadillac provides plenty of desirable equipment like the driver-assistance features, three rows of seats, and a power-operated liftgate. However, it also shares the market with many popular models such as Audi Q7BMW X5, and Lincoln Aviator. Under the hood, Cadillac XT6 offers two engines, including a turbocharged four-cylinder and a V-6.

2022 Cadillac XT6 Upgrades

Unsurprisingly, the new 2022 Cadillac XT6 shares plenty of components with the famous GMC Acadia. Also, it borrows some of the design elements from XT4 and XT5 crossovers. Basically, it comes with the same shield-shaped grille, horizontal LED headlights beneath the hood’s leading edge, and attractive vertical LED daytime running lights. However, depending on trims, the design of Cadillac XT6 will vary.

For example, going for the  Premium Luxury trim, buyers can expect a bright grille surround, attractive satin-finished wheels, and chrome accents around the windows and rocker panels. The most favorite is a Sport model that comes with a black mesh grille, darker window moldings, alongside the tinted neutral-density lenses on the rear lights.

2022 Cadillac XT6 interior

Cabin Features

Inside, the new 2022 Cadillac XT6 is very modern. This SUV offers both seven and eight-seat layouts, providing enough room for every passenger. The interior looks impressive, but it doesn’t provide luxury like Audi Q7 or the BMW X5.

On the technology side, the new Cadillac XT6 comes with 8.0-inch screen touchscreen infotainment, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto integration, onboard Wi-Fi, and wireless smartphone charging. However, navigation is still optional, as is a rear-seat entertainment system with a DVD player. On top of that all, the driver-assistance features are one of the best, includes automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring as standard, while more advanced features such as adaptive cruise control, night vision are available as options.

2022 Cadillac XT6 cabin

Engine Specs and Performance

Like the previous model, the new 2022 Cadillac XT6 is offered with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that delivers 237-hp. Basically, Cadillac XT6 shares the same engine with the smaller XT5 model.

However, it also offers an optional 3.6-liter V6 engine making 310 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain is available on trims, Premium Luxury, and Sport. On top of that, all models come with a nine-speed automatic and front or all-wheel drive. Moreover, the XT6 can tow up to 1,000 pounds with the entry-level engine, while V6-powered versions can pull 4,000 pounds.

2022 Cadillac XT6 rear

How Much Does the 2022 Cadillac XT6 Cost?

The new 2022 Cadillac XT6 is a great SUV that offers few trim levels. Moreover, the model that is equipped with Luxury trim and front-wheel drive starts at $47,995. However, consider that this price does not include a $995 destination charge. At the top end is an all-wheel-drive Sport version, which almost reaches a price of $58,500.

The most expensive models Premium Luxury and Sport trims can touch 70k when loaded with options. Cadillac recently reveals that the next generation XT6 should be introduced at some point in 2021.


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